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Star Angels. The New World. Viktor Khorunzhy

Star Angels. The New World. Viktor Khorunzhy

Who are angels? Where do they come from and why? Are human feelings and weaknesses common to them? Perhaps, it is possible to get to their world by opening “the right” door? All those questions are to be answered by two sisters – ordinary students, Alice and Katy. With the help of the ancient Book, they are carried over to another reality. There, they would have to reveal their own new abilities and learn their true destiny. But would they have enough power to fulfill it? Secrets of Egyptian pyramids, interstellar portals and, of course, a love story – all that waits for you on the pages of the novel. “Star Angels” is a nail-biting story, immersing into which could help you get the better understanding of the world around us. For true feelings, just like true values, never lose their importance wherever you are…


Flitton, a small town our story had begun in, had not been any different from other places as cozy and settled that surrounded large and noisy metropolises.

Modest double-storey houses were stretching in rows along narrow streets, competing in the neatness of their front gardens. Well-fed cats were strolling down the lawns, guarding their territory vigilantly.

High hedges were out of favour here. Neighbouring yards were separated by squatty, neatly cut barberry and hawthorn bushes. Perhaps that was the reason for neighbours knowing all about each other’s lives, savouring the details over evening tea with great pleasure.

Flit, a hasteless rivulet, separating the town into two parts, was the source of overall pride, and its esplanade was the favourite strolling place.

Flitton’s life itself had been as calm and hasteless, with no incidents disturbing it.

That’s why unbelievable events, witnessed by the residents of town’s Alley Street, burnt into their memories for a long time. As the time had passed, the story had lost its realness and turned into a legend…

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