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Kremlin bride. Valeriy Zhiglov

Kremlin bride. Valeriy Zhiglov

The book comprises novels: “Kremlin Bride”, “White Sun of the Desert”, “Three Vertebrae of Fish”, “My Caucasus Holidays”, “A Crocodile with Swan Wings”, and other funny and sorrowful life stories, which happened with the author and other people he knew. The book also discloses details about Lazar Kaganovich’s sister, a participant of Joseph Stalin poisoning.


After graduating from a university, I got some free time and I decided to spend it on vacations high in the mountains, by the lake Issyk Kul. It was early morning, when I and other tourists took a long trip in a bus across mountain saddles. The city Almaty and the mountain lake Issyk Kul may be separated by 50 km only; yet it took around 10 hours in the bus to pass Tien Shan mountain passage in between, which serpentines in a manner that goes far beyond one’s wildest expectations. On our way, there were several short stopovers, and tonight, we finally arrived to the destination point, a tourist camp Tamga, located on the southern shore of the lake. Tired after such a long journey, we had supper and went to bed.

The weather was cool during our holidays. Those were sunny days, and one could even get sunburns, yet water in the lake was pretty cold. Therefore, the second day of my vacations was marked with some weakness, and tonight I already had full-scale fever heat. I did not have any medicine against fever with me; therefore, I had no choice but to try to get some in a local medical station.

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