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Captive mistress. English-language novels. Elaine Neksli

Captive mistress. English-language novels. Elaine Neksli

France, XVII century. Young Arabella, not knowing that such wealth and luxury, gets an invitation to the ball. Drugged to flatter the monarch, an innocent girl not notice that he is in the Royal bed. But the fee for the title mistress of the king is too high. The girl will have to visit the intoxicating harem of the East, the flight to sit down on the bed of a hated Sultan, to appear before himself with the Sacred court. And this is only the beginning of a difficult road leading to true love.


The Duke Edward de Frase languished near the bedroom, which gave birth to his wife. All this time, he heard the cries and groans of the beloved. And Edward could only pray that Juliet gave birth to a healthy child and herself alive, because the man knew that his wife could not become pregnant. Soon came the midwife. Her face was terribly sad, and in the eyes of fear had settled. She bowed, weak voice said:

– Mr. Duke…

– My wife gave birth to?

The old wife nodded.

– Yes sir, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, – alas, her voice was not of celebration and joy. But Edward’s eyes lit up with happiness.

And… Juliet? As my beloved wife? asked the Duke.

The old woman looked down and said: "Sir…Madam Juliet failed to save. The birth was very difficult. The poor woman could not survive and went away…to another world. My condolences.

Edward recoiled. It seemed to him that the fire of hell penetrated to the heart: – No,…no,…what are you saying? the Duke darted to the room, beloved. But Juliet was lying with closed eyelids forever. The man was unable to keep back the tears. He staggered, went to his late wife and took her cold hand.

– Juliet! Favorite! Don’t leave me! Please! «moaned Edward. But suddenly he heard quiet weeping of a newborn baby. It was a small little woman with pink cheeks and still closed eyes.

– Monsieur, "came a voice entered midwives: – before the death of Madame has asked that the girl called Arabella, in honor of her late mother.

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